1: "Fuel your workday with these magnesium-rich treats for lasting energy."

2: "Almonds are a tasty, portable snack packed with magnesium and protein."

3: "Bananas and dark chocolate make a delicious duo for a magnesium boost."

4: "Spinach and kale chips are crunchy options for a magnesium-rich snack."

5: "Trail mix with pumpkin seeds and cashews is a great source of magnesium."

6: "Try Greek yogurt with fruit and almonds for a magnesium-filled snack."

7: "Avocado toast sprinkled with hemp seeds is a filling magnesium option."

8: "Edamame beans are a convenient and nutritious magnesium snack choice."

9: "Quinoa salad with black beans is a satisfying magnesium-rich meal option."