1: Classic French Tip The classic French tip is timeless and elegant, with a white tip on a natural nail.

2: Reverse French Manicure Try a twist on tradition with a reverse French, featuring a colored tip on a nude base.

3: Glitter French Tips Add some sparkle to your French mani with glitter polish on the tips.

4: French Ombre Nails Blend two nail polishes for a seamless ombre effect on your French manicure.

5: Stamped French Manicure Use nail art stamps to create intricate designs on your French tips.

6: Neon French Tips Make a statement with neon colors on your French manicure tips.

7: Matte French Mani Switch up the finish of your French nails with a matte top coat.

8: French Mani with a Twist Experiment with different shapes and patterns on your French tips.

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