1: Boost energy levels and increase focus with magnesium-rich foods like nuts and seeds in your keto breakfast.

2: Improve digestion and promote gut health by adding fiber-rich fruits and vegetables to your morning meal.

1: "Discover the top 10 superfoods packed with fiber, magnesium, and iron for optimal health."

2: "1. Chia Seeds: Rich in fiber and magnesium, chia seeds promote gut health."

3: "2. Spinach: Loaded with iron and fiber, spinach supports energy production."

4: "3. Lentils: High in fiber and iron, lentils aid in digestion and blood health."

5: "4. Quinoa: A versatile grain rich in magnesium and fiber for heart health."

6: "5. Almonds: Packed with magnesium and fiber, almonds boost brain function."

7: "6. Black Beans: Full of fiber and iron, black beans improve blood sugar levels."

8: "7. Avocado: A creamy superfood rich in fiber and magnesium for heart health."