1: Transform leftovers into tasty appetizers with these creative party ideas.

2: Make buffalo chicken dip using leftover rotisserie chicken for a crowd-pleasing dish.

3: Utilize stale bread to create delicious crostini topped with various spreads and toppings.

4: Whip up mini sliders using leftover meat or veggies for a fun and easy appetizer option.

5: Create a colorful veggie platter with leftover vegetables and a homemade dip for a healthy snack.

6: Turn leftover pasta into tasty spaghetti fritters or pasta salad bites for a unique appetizer.

7: Use leftover rice to make crispy arancini balls or rice paper rolls for a flavorful appetizer.

8: Make savory wontons or dumplings using leftover protein and veggies for a delicious party treat.

9: Get creative with leftovers and impress your guests with these easy and affordable appetizer ideas.