1: "Create a hummingbird paradise on your balcony with these best potted flowers."

2: "Lantana: A colorful and low-maintenance flower that attracts hummingbirds."

3: "Salvia: Vibrant blooms that are perfect for balcony gardens and hummingbirds."

4: "Fuchsia: Elegant and hanging flowers that are loved by hummingbirds."

5: "Petunia: Easy-to-grow and beautiful flowers that hummingbirds adore."

6: "Bee Balm: A native flower that is a favorite of hummingbirds on balconies."

7: "Trumpet Vine: Stunning vines that attract hummingbirds with their bright flowers."

8: "Columbine: Delicate flowers that provide nectar for hummingbirds on balconies."

9: "Zinnia: Colorful flowers that bloom all summer and attract hummingbirds."