1: Introduction Learn about the impact of invasive species on food sources and the competition they create in ecosystems.

2: What are Invasive Species? Discover how non-native species disrupt food chains and outcompete native species for resources.

3: Effects on Agriculture Explore how invasives threaten crops and livestock, leading to economic losses and food shortages.

4: Marine Ecosystems Dive into the competition for food between invasives and native species in ocean habitats.

5: Terrestrial Ecosystems Uncover the challenges invasives pose to native wildlife and plant species in terrestrial environments.

6: Human Impacts Understand how invasives affect human food sources and agricultural practices globally.

7: Management Strategies Learn about methods to control and prevent invasives from disrupting food supplies.

8: Conservation Efforts Discover how conservationists work to protect native food sources from invasive species.

9: Taking Action Find out how individuals can help combat the competition for food with invasives in their communities.