1: "Intro to Bird Sanctuaries" Create a bird sanctuary in small spaces to attract native birds and support biodiversity.

2: "Choosing a Location" Select a spot with trees and bushes for cover, food sources, and nesting sites.

3: "Planting Native Flowers" Grow native plants to provide nectar, seeds, insects, and habitat for birds.

4: "Installing Feeders and Baths" Offer bird feeders with seed mixes and clean water baths for drinking and bathing.

5: "Providing Nesting Boxes" Install nest boxes to encourage breeding pairs and provide shelter for offspring.

6: "Creating Safe Spaces" Minimize pesticide use, keep cats indoors, and reduce hazards like windows and predators.

7: "Monitoring Wildlife" Observe bird behavior, species diversity, and population changes to track sanctuary success.

8: "Sharing the Sanctuary" Educate others about bird conservation, volunteer opportunities, and the benefits of sanctuaries.

9: "Enjoying the Results" Relax and enjoy the sights and sounds of birds visiting your sanctuary in small spaces.