1: Welcome to creating bird-friendly habitats in your backyard! Learn how to attract different bird species with the right plants and feeders.

2: Select native plants to provide food and shelter for birds. Choose a variety of plant types to attract a diverse range of species.

3: Install bird feeders and water sources to keep birds coming back to your backyard. Clean feeders regularly to prevent mold and disease.

4: Create shelter with birdhouses and nesting materials. Different bird species prefer different types of homes, so offer a variety of options.

5: Minimize pesticide use to protect birds and their food sources. Opt for natural alternatives to keep your backyard safe for wildlife.

6: Reduce light pollution to help birds navigate at night. Use downward-facing lights and close curtains to prevent disorientation.

7: Limit outdoor cats to protect birds from predators. Provide a safe environment for birds to forage and breed without constant threats.

8: Participate in citizen science projects to help track bird populations. Contribute valuable data while learning more about local bird species.

9: Enjoy the beauty and serenity of your bird-friendly backyard. Sit back and watch the diverse array of birds that now call your space home.