1: "Creating a bird-friendly garden is a joy. Provide food, water, and shelter to attract colorful songbirds."

2: "Plant native flowers and shrubs to offer a variety of natural food sources for your feathered friends."

3: "Include bird feeders and birdbaths to keep your garden visitors nourished and hydrated all year round."

4: "Build birdhouses and nesting boxes to provide safe spots for songbirds to raise their young."

5: "Limit pesticide use in your garden to protect the health of songbirds and other wildlife."

6: "Create bird-friendly features like brush piles and rock walls to offer additional shelter options."

7: "Add a variety of trees and shrubs for nesting, perching, and hiding places for songbirds."

8: "Keep cats indoors to prevent them from preying on songbirds that visit your garden."

9: "Enjoy the sights and sounds of songbirds in your garden by providing a safe and welcoming habitat for them."