1: FIFA's Focus on Gender Equality FIFA is committed to promoting gender equality in football by increasing viewership of women's matches.

2: Innovative Marketing Campaigns FIFA utilizes innovative marketing campaigns to attract more viewers to women's football matches.

3: Partnership with Brands FIFA partners with global brands to create visibility and increase viewership for women's football.

4: Engaging Content Creation FIFA utilizes engaging content creation strategies to attract a larger audience to women's football matches.

5: Leveraging Social Media Platforms FIFA leverages social media platforms to reach a wider audience and increase viewership for women's football.

6: Creating Fan Engagement Opportunities FIFA creates fan engagement opportunities to enhance the fan experience and increase viewership for women's football matches.

7: Promoting Women's Football Stars FIFA promotes women's football stars to attract more viewers and increase interest in women's matches.

8: Encouraging Grassroots Participation FIFA encourages grassroots participation in women's football to increase viewership and promote the sport at all levels.

9: Future Initiatives FIFA is constantly exploring new initiatives to increase viewership for women's football and promote gender equality in the sport.