1: Introduction Discover how invasive species are contributing to the decline of hummingbird populations.

2: Hummingbird Decline Learn about the factors leading to the decline of hummingbird populations worldwide.

3: Invasive Species Explore the impact of invasive species on ecosystems and native wildlife.

4: Examples of Invasive Species Discover some common invasive species that are threatening hummingbird populations.

5: Effects on Hummingbirds Understand how invasive species are disrupting the natural habitat and food sources of hummingbirds.

6: Conservation Efforts Learn about the efforts being made to protect hummingbirds from invasive species.

7: Habitat Restoration Explore how restoring habitats can help counteract the negative impacts of invasive species on hummingbirds.

8: Tips for Gardeners Find out how you can help protect hummingbirds from invasive species in your own backyard.

9: Take Action Discover ways you can contribute to the conservation of hummingbirds and other native wildlife.