1: Introduction to Hummingbird Population Monitoring and Invasives Learn about the importance of tracking hummingbird populations and identifying invasive species that threaten their habitat.

2: Benefits of Hummingbird Monitoring Discover how monitoring hummingbird populations can help researchers understand ecosystem health and inform conservation efforts.

3: Invasive Species Impact on Hummingbirds Explore the negative effects of invasive species on hummingbirds and their native habitats.

4: Monitoring Techniques for Hummingbird Populations Learn about the various methods used to track hummingbird populations, from banding to citizen science projects.

5: Identifying Invasive Species Find out how to recognize and remove invasive species that pose a threat to hummingbirds and other native wildlife.

6: Conservation Efforts and Restoration Discover how conservationists are working to protect hummingbirds and restore their natural habitats from invasive species.

7: Citizen Science and Community Involvement Learn how you can get involved in monitoring hummingbird populations and combating invasive species in your community.

8: Future Challenges and Solutions Explore the challenges facing hummingbird populations and the innovative solutions being developed to address them.

9: Take Action to Protect Hummingbirds Find out how you can help support hummingbird conservation efforts and preserve their habitats for future generations.