1: Invasive species disrupt delicate ecosystems, forcing hummingbirds out of their territories.

2: Mimosa trees invade hummingbird habitats, changing the food sources available.

3: Japanese honeysuckle vines entangle and choke out native plants vital to hummingbirds.

4: Kudzu vines spread rapidly, squeezing out the flowers that hummingbirds rely on for nectar.

5: Zebra mussels clog waterways, impacting the insects that hummingbirds feed on.

6: Carp disrupt aquatic ecosystems, affecting the insects hummingbirds eat near water sources.

7: Starlings compete with hummingbirds for nesting sites and food resources.

8: Caulerpa taxifolia smothers sea grasses, depriving hummingbirds of key food sources.

9: Invasive species pose a significant threat to hummingbirds and their territories.