1: NCIS fans were left wondering if Ziva and Tony would ever reunite after she faked her death.

2: Their emotional reunion finally happened in Season 17, giving fans the closure they had been waiting for.

3: The chemistry between Ziva and Tony was still strong, showing that their bond was unbreakable.

4: Their reunion was bittersweet, as Ziva had to leave again to protect her family.

5: Fans were thrilled to see Ziva return and reunite with Tony, even for a brief moment.

6: Ziva's death was actually faked to protect her family from danger, revealing her true motives.

7: Tony was shocked to see Ziva alive and well, leading to an emotional reunion between the two.

8: The love between Ziva and Tony was evident in their reunion, proving that some bonds can never be broken.

9: The NCIS fans finally got the closure they had been waiting for when Ziva and Tony reunited after her faked death.