1 Discover the best tips from Olivia's Guide to Buying Fresh Salmon. Learn how to choose the freshest fish for your next meal.

2 Quality matters - Olivia recommends looking for vibrant color and a subtle ocean scent when selecting fresh salmon at the market.

3 Texture check - Ensure the flesh of the salmon is firm to the touch, a sign of freshness and flavorful taste.

4 Eyes on the prize - Opt for salmon with clear, bright eyes as murky or sunken eyes can be a sign of aging fish.

5 The nose knows - Fresh salmon should smell like the ocean, avoid fish with a strong fishy odor.

6 Sustainable sourcing - Olivia advises choosing wild-caught or responsibly farmed salmon to support the environment and local communities.

7 Ask the experts - Don't be afraid to ask your local fishmonger for advice on selecting the freshest salmon available.

8 Storage solutions - Properly store fresh salmon in the fridge for up to two days or freeze for longer shelf life.

9 Enjoy the fruits of your labor - Once you've selected the perfect salmon, savor the flavor in delicious recipes for a nutritious meal.