1 Olivia's Tip #1: Thaw salmon in the fridge overnight for best results.

2 Olivia's Tip #2: Use cold water to speed up the defrosting process.

3 Olivia's Tip #3: Seal salmon in a plastic bag to prevent water absorption.

4 Olivia's Tip #4: Defrost salmon in the microwave on a low setting.

5 Olivia's Tip #5: Cook salmon immediately after defrosting to maintain freshness.

6 Olivia's Tip #6: Avoid defrosting salmon at room temperature to prevent bacteria growth.

7 Olivia's Tip #7: Consider using specialized thawing trays for quick and even defrosting.

8 Olivia's Tip #8: Do not refreeze salmon once it has been defrosted.

9 Olivia's Tip #9: Follow these simple steps for perfectly defrosted salmon every time.