1: Discover the best potted flowers for attracting hummingbirds in your region with our guide.

2: In the Northeast, consider planting bee balm or trumpet vine in your garden.

3: For the Southeast, try planting salvia or lantana in your outdoor pots.

4: In the Midwest, consider planting petunias or fuchsia to attract hummingbirds.

5: For the Southwest, try planting penstemon or desert sage for vibrant blooms.

6: In the Pacific Northwest, consider hanging baskets of impatiens or columbine.

7: Choose potted flowers like hibiscus or geraniums for hummingbirds in the South.

8: In the Rocky Mountains, plant red hot poker or scarlet bergamot to attract hummingbirds.

9: No matter where you live, there are potted flowers that can bring hummingbirds to your garden.