1: "Discover potted flowers for shaded areas that attract hummingbirds."

2: "Fuchsia blooms and begonias thrive in shady spots, perfect for hummingbirds."

3: "Impatiens and coleus are colorful options for shaded gardens frequented by hummingbirds."

4: "Lobelia and bleeding hearts add charm to shady spaces hummingbirds love."

5: "Hostas and coral bells are versatile choices for shade-loving hummingbirds."

6: "Columbine and foxglove are beautiful additions to shady areas visited by hummingbirds."

7: "Astilbe and hellebores create a lush, inviting habitat for hummingbirds in shaded gardens."

8: "Spiderwort and sweet woodruff bring unique textures to shady spots beloved by hummingbirds."

9: "Heuchera and toad lilies are elegant options for potted flowers in shady areas attracting hummingbirds."