1: Introducing Tai Chi for Preschoolers—a fun way to improve balance and coordination.

2: Start with "Cloud Hands"—a gentle flowing movement perfect for young children.

3: Next, try the "Scooping the Sea" move to engage their core muscles.

4: Delight your preschooler with the "Waving Hands Like Clouds" exercise.

5: Teach them the "Golden Rooster Stands on One Leg" pose for stability.

6: Incorporate the "Loosening the Waist" move to enhance flexibility.

7: Encourage mindfulness with the "Bouncing a Ball" Tai Chi exercise.

8: Expand their horizons with the "Swinging Branches" pose for creativity.

9: Wrap up the session with the "Swaying Bamboo" move to calm and focus their energy.