1: "Discover the top annuals that will attract birds to your garden."

2: "Garden favorites like sunflowers and coneflowers are perfect for bird-friendly landscapes."

3: "Zinnias and cosmos are colorful choices that will entice birds to visit."

4: "Pentas and salvia are great options for attracting hummingbirds to your yard."

5: "Lantanas and nasturtiums provide food and shelter for birds throughout the year."

6: "Marigolds and petunias offer nectar and seeds for a variety of bird species."

7: "Snapdragons and verbena are beautiful additions that birds will love."

8: "Impatiens and geraniums attract birds with their vibrant blooms and foliage."

9: "Plan your garden with these annuals to create a bird-friendly oasis in your backyard."