1: "Introduction to Catalina Island's Ecosystem" Learn about the diverse flora and fauna of Catalina Island and how human activity affects its delicate balance.

2: "Pollution on Catalina Island" Explore how pollution from cruise ships and visitors impacts the island's marine life and coastal habitats.

3: "Deforestation and Habitat Destruction" Discover how development and deforestation on Catalina Island threaten the habitats of native species.

4: "Invasive Species on Catalina Island" Find out how introduced species disrupt the island's ecosystem and threaten native plant and animal populations.

5: "Climate Change and Rising Sea Levels" Learn about the effects of climate change on Catalina Island, including sea level rise and increased temperatures.

6: "Conservation Efforts on Catalina Island" Discover the initiatives and partnerships working to protect and preserve Catalina Island's unique environment.

7: "Sustainable Tourism Practices" Explore ways in which tourists and residents can minimize their impact on Catalina Island's delicate ecosystem.

8: "Educational Programs on Catalina Island" Learn about educational opportunities and resources for visitors to engage with and learn about the island's ecology.

9: "The Future of Catalina Island" Consider the importance of conservation efforts and sustainable practices in securing a healthy future for Catalina Island's ecosystem.