1: Tom Brady reflects on his incredible career longevity in the NFL, setting a new standard for quarterbacks.

2: The GOAT talks about the discipline, dedication, and passion that have fueled his longevity in the sport.

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4: The quarterback shares his perspective on the importance of a balanced lifestyle for longevity in sports.

5: Tom Brady discusses the impact of his mindset, work ethic, and determination on his long-lasting success.

6: In his own words, Brady describes the support system that has helped him sustain his career over the years.

7: The legendary QB highlights the role of continuous learning and adaptation in his path to longevity.

8: Brady's thoughts on gratitude, resilience, and setting new goals for the future of his career.

9: The NFL icon's final reflections on the importance of passion, purpose, and perseverance in achieving career longevity.