1: "Flowering shrubs in large pots attract hummingbirds with vibrant blooms and nectar."

2: "Choose flowering shrubs like fuchsia, honeysuckle, and butterfly bush for your pots."

3: "Create a hummingbird-friendly garden with potted azaleas, weigelas, and salvia."

4: "Add a splash of color to your patio with pots of lantana, trumpet vine, and bottlebrush."

5: "Create a container garden with hydrangeas, abutilon, and pineapple sage for hummingbirds."

6: "Select flowering shrubs that bloom in different seasons for year-round hummingbird attraction."

7: "Place large pots of bee balm, columbine, and penstemon to entice hummingbirds to your garden."

8: "Create a pollinator-friendly oasis with potted red hot poker, foxglove, and coral bells."

9: "Attract hummingbirds to your outdoor space with potted flowering shrubs in a variety of colors."