1: "Add color and charm to your windowsill with potted flowers loved by hummingbirds."

2: "Zinnias, salvia, and petunias are top choices for attracting these delightful birds."

3: "Create a buzzing paradise with bright blooms like fuchsia, lantana, and bee balm."

4: "Opt for trumpet-shaped flowers like petunias and penstemon for hummingbird favorites."

5: "Plant nectar-rich flowers such as impatiens, verbena, and hibiscus to entice hummingbirds."

6: "Enjoy the sight of hummingbirds fluttering around your windowsill garden oasis."

7: "Create a year-round haven with evergreen plants like jasmine and ivy for hummingbirds."

8: "Enhance your windowsill with hanging baskets filled with hummingbird-attracting blooms."

9: "Transform your windowsill into a hummingbird haven with these top potted flowers."